The content of pollchief®

Tracks both election and in-office inventory plus records election equipment's Logic and Accuracy testing, election history, repair history, and trouble call history.

Simplify Record-Keeping

Centralize Equipment Records

Revolutionize Accuracy and Speed with Scanner/iPhone

Maps election polling locations, contacts building owners/supervisors, annotates special building needs, manages each facility's readiness

End Delivery Errors

Eliminate Delayed Poll Openings

Enhance Site Selection With Visual Maps

Communicates with Election Judges/Poll Workers, records performance, guides staffing, tracks poll worker training, projects poll worker budgets, and directs payroll for accounting departments

Save Substantial Staff Hours

Contented Poll Workers

Reduced Polling Labor Cost

Poll workers apply, take online training, enroll in classes, watch videos, update their contact information, review your communications, and annotate their availability all by themselves on line.

Receives and dispatches calls to and from election poll workers as well as the voting public

Eliminate Double-Booking Problems

Integrate iPhone or Mobile Phone for Troubleshooters

Display Data for Untrained Election Operator to Solve Most of Callers' Questions

PollChief election management software manages election logistics, track election services such as poll worker training. New Visions expand your capabilities.

Pioneer concepts to revolutionize the elections industry

Imagine the ideal paradigm and we'll engineer it

Build your election software/system to propel your master plan

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