PollChief® Asset Management System (PAMS)

Election asset management is far more complex than other industries' asset management. The assets include not only supply items such as pens, power cords, parking signs, handicap ramps, and privacy booths, but also sensitive, serialized items such as voting machines, scanners, security seals, and tabulators.

Effective and efficient election asset management should be seamlessly integrated within the election management system. With PAMS, Election Administrators will find that election asset management is integrated into the daily workflow. For example, PollChief® Site Survey App counts usable onsite assets such as tables and chairs at voting locations and records where election gear will be stored when not in use. PollChief® iPAMS mobile app guides the logic and accuracy testing of equipment so each piece is ready for delivery with the precinct specific information updated. PollChief® Check-Out/In mobile app monitors all the deployment of assets using RFID, barcode scanning, or just a simple tap on the screen of the laptop, Android device, or smartphone.

Every election administrator is aware of the critical importance of election assets. PAMS provides the toolkit you've always needed to track every detail about all election materiel -- major and minor, serialized or generic, high security or standard issue.

PAMS organizes all the details of all the materiel election administrators deploy.

  • HAVA Conformant Records
  • PAMS maintains election equipment records as required by HAVA auditors.
  • Logic and Accuracy Test Monitor
  • PAMS tailors and tracks interactive L&A checklists for testing election voting machines.
  • Critical Item Alerts
  • No election administrator wants to announce the wrong election results because of a missing ballot box or tally sheet or memory card, then eat his words the next day. No election administrator wants to call back a poll worker at 3:00 in the morning to search for a missing e-pollbook. PAMS alerts of the absolutely critical items that a poll worker fails to turn in—pollbooks, encoders, ballots, program cartridges —before she or he drives away on election night.
  • Planning Multiple Elections
  • Election administrators rarely have the luxury of working on only a single election at a time PAMS plans out the asset needs for each election and calculates the quantities that will need to be ordered as each successive election depletes the stockpile.
  • Election Supply Packing, Unpacking, and Return Ration
  • PAMS creates packing lists designed for the poll worker packages, for precincts, and for buildings, guided by the numbers of poll workers, registered voters, or expected turnout. It calculates the useable return ratio of items used in an election and informs of the quantity that must be ordered to avert a shortfall.
  • Multiple Input Options -- PC, RFID, Bar Code Scanner, Smart table
  • Input information via
    • Import
    • Keyboard
    • RFID
    • Bar Code Scanner
    • Smart Phone
  • Drayage Wizard
  • A drayage wizard manifests each truckload, records the driver and license number, guides the loading, calculates the cargo value, annotates the cargo door security seal, alerts of recipient delivery constraints (e.g. no Sunday deliveries, not during school hours, etc.), and maps and schedules the delivery route.

  • Tracks Voting Machines, Attachments, Ballots
  • PAMS tracks where ballots are stored. It creates a permanent archive for each piece of voting equipment.
  • Records Security Seals
  • There’s little benefit to applying a security seal if the number is not recorded. PAMS lists the seal numbers.
  • Chain of Custody
  • PAMS tracks the movements of voting assets and secures a signature.

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