Election Poll Asset Management System (PAMS)

"Election asset management is far more complex than other industries' asset management. The moveable assets for elections include not only minor supply items like pens, power cords, Post-Its and parking signs, not only major items such as handicap ramps and privacy booths, but also sensitive, serialized items such as voting machines, scanners, security seals, and computers.

Every election administrator is aware of the critical importance of election assets. PAMS provides the toolkit you've always needed to track every detail about all election materiel -- major and minor, serialized or generic, high security or standard issue.

PAMS accommodates the special needs of election asset management.

  • HAVA Conformant Records
  • Corrects the property recordkeeping practices for which 19 out of 20 States have been censured by HAVA auditors (2009,2010,2011 audits).
  • Logic and Accuracy
  • PollChief®'s Poll Asset Management System tailors and tracks interactive L&A checklists for pre and post election tests for voting systems.
  • Critical Item Alerts
  • No election administrator wants to announce the wrong election results because of a missing ballot box or tally sheet or memory card, then eat his words the next day. PollChief®'s Poll Asset Management System highlights the absolutely critical items that a poll worker fails to turn in—pollbooks, encoders, affidavits, ballots, program cartridges —before she drives away on election night.
  • Election Supply Packing, Unpacking, and Return Ration
  • PollChief®'s Poll Asset Management System creates packing lists designed for the poll workers (such as rover or chief clerk), for precincts, and for buildings, guided by the numbers of registered voters. Calculates the useable return ratio of items used in an election
  • Multiple Input Options -- PC, RFID, Bar Code Scanner, Smartphone
  • Input information via
    • Import
    • Keyboard
    • RFID
    • Bar Code Scanner
    • Smart Phone
  • Drayage Planning
  • A drayage wizard manifests each truckload, records the driver and license number, guides the loading, calculates the cargo value, annotates the cargo door security seal, alerts of recipient delivery constraints (e.g., no Sunday deliveries, not during school hours, etc.), and maps and schedules the delivery route.
  • Ballot Tracking
  • PollChief®'s Poll Asset Management System systems tracks where ballots, both voted and un-voted, are located.
  • Voting Equipment Tracking
  • PollChief®'s Poll Asset Management System creates a central archive for each piece of voting equipment.
  • Chain of Custody
  • Track the movements of voting assets.
  • Statewide Asset Management Option
  • PollChief®'s Poll Asset Management System can be a statewide intranet, allowing the jurisdictions and State Election Director to seamlessly communicate and support each other.

PAMS includes two distinct sub-routines—Poll Equipment Management System (PEMS) for tracking items by serial number, and Poll Inventory Management System (PIMS) for tracking general supplies that lack serial numbers.

Poll Equipment Management System (PEMS)

  • Records the location, logic and accuracy testing, movement, problem, repair, and election history of the serialized voting equipment – voting machines, scanners, e-poll books, memory cards, security seals, etc. It keeps all documentation of your election equipment movement and testing in a single, easily accessible location to aid management decisions. It becomes a single place to track each piece of equipment.
  • Computerized logging of all transactions for each machine establishes a chain of custody, instills confidence in the voting public of the security of each machine, and eliminates the blizzard of paperwork that is required for manual tracking.
  • The program lists not only each voting machine, but also the seals and memory cards applied to each machine prior to the election. It lists the technician who tested the machine. It even grades each machine—good, alternative, problem, or broken.
  • Bar code scanning reduces errors, saves time, and protects against misinterpretation of handwritten annotations. A bar code scanner typically can record data five to seven times as fast as a skilled typist, and has 10,000 Times Better Accuracy: Keyboard data entry creates an average of one error in 300 keystrokes. Bar code data entry has an error rate of about 1 in 3 million.
  • A comprehensive synopsis displays your current state of readiness at a glance.
  • Each item has an election history report, as well as a repair history report.
  • PollChief®'s Poll Equipment Management System centralizes your acceptance testing, logic and accuracy testing, chain of custody, and machine history all in a single, online document warehouse.

Poll Inventory Management System (PIMS)

  • Inventory Management
    • Supply list is broken up into two categories: Office use and Election Supply use
    • Stores unlimited number of items within each list
    • Each item is given an ID number to help with identification
    • Upload images for each supply item so you don't have to play the guessing game of what I'm about to order
    • Each supply item also has a comment box allowing users to store notes about what the item is used for, etc.
    • Inventory count becomes easier – instead of counting, then finding the item and updating the count, bar-coding does most of the work for you. By scanning the unique bar code number and typing in the newest count number, you have just updated the system with the new supply count
    • Instantly see items on order, the total amount currently being used within an election, and the total amount currently being used for office use
  • Purchase Order Management
    • Each supply item has a field available to store the units and price for the item
    • Place items on a purchasing order. PollChief® Election Management Software will instantly give you a budget report for the cost of the order
    • View purchasing orders from previous months or even years
    • PollChief® Election Management Software recognizes supply counts marked as low. PollChief® Election Management Software will generate a low supply list and send it via email to the users of the system to notify them of the low count. Also – a re-order list can be generated instantly of all the low inventory items.
  • Receiving and Adjustment Management
    • As a purchase order is filled, PollChief® Election Management Software will instantly update the total count of the item on the supply list
    • Receive stock into multiple locations
    • Set specific inventory reorder alert levels
    • Automatically calculate and maintain a safe stock level for each item
    • Physical count overrides (allows for inventory verification)
    • Improve accuracy and limit time spent on physical inventory counts
    • Reduce unnecessary inventory purchases
    • Receive election inventory item returns and office internal inventory item returns
    • Automatically adjust inventory levels and stock values based on returns
  • Document Management
    • Pinpoint Document Locations Instantly. PollChief® Election Management Software helps you do this in two separate ways:
    • 1. PollChief® Election Management Software allows each item saved within the system the option to attach an image or document. This helps you review what you are looking for.
    • 2. PollChief® Election Management Software allows you to store with each item saved within the system the exact location of where this item is within the warehouse. For example, 2nd floor Cabinet 3 Shelf B.
  • Election Box Management
    • Generate multiple different supply lists for an election. For example, a supply list for each polling location, each precinct or a specific poll worker.
    • Designate the exact supplies needed for each specific polling location. Or – create a master supply list which will be used for each polling location.
    • While generating your supply list, designate specific supplies to be placed within a Ziploc bag or envelope which will be placed into the supply box.
    • Once a list has been generated, it can be saved and reused for future elections.
    • Generate a consolidated list of overall quantities from this election to guide future elections.
    • Manage returned election items for better planning/reordering using a bar code scanner to do all the documentation for you.

PollChief® Election Management Software is an enterprise solution for poll inventory management. It is a critical tool for your department to have with substantial enhanced efficiency guaranteed. Please contact www.PollChief.com today and ask for a live demonstration.

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