Election Night Result Posting System (ERPS)

Election Result Posting System (ERPS) publishes the election results on a website as they come in throughout election night.

  • Who's ahead?
  • How did Precinct 13 vote?
  • How many people voted?
  • Out of how many registered voters overall?
  • How many precincts have been counted?
  • What exactly did the proposition say?
  • Did it pass?
  • Who are the top two vote-getters?
  • Could the race still go the other way?
  • WHO WON???

Forestall queries from the candidates, the petitioners, the press and the politicians. Refer them to the website that answers all their questions.

PollChief® Election Night Results Posting System interprets the results and posts both the big picture and the emerging details. Click here to arrange for a live demonstration.

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