Core PollChief® Elements

PollChief® Platform Management System (PPMS) Defines, maps, and quantifies precincts.
Assesses, surveys, rents, and pays polling places.
Communicates with owners, superintendents, and custodians.
Sets elections, early voting, and access roles.
PollChief® Poll Worker Management System (PWMS) Hires, appoints, trains, and pays workers.
Sends letters, SMS texts, and mass two-way email and telephone calls.
Speeds payroll processing 75%, reduces worker management time by 50%.

PollChief®  Recruiting and Training Link (PRTL) Recruits workers.  Trains online.  Portal for self-management.
Saves 10 minutes per worker update.
PollChief® Asset Management System (PAMS) Manages supply inventories as well as tracking sensitive voting machines and their attachments.  Chain of custody, permanent archive, logic and accuracy testing, check in-and-out, election night alert for missing critical items.  Complete drayage wizard.
Reduces inventory management time by two thirds.
PollChief®  Help Desk System (PHDS) Year round call center answers voter questions, delegates issues to trouble shooters, and generates lessons-learned reports.
Handles 75% of all incoming calls within one minute.

PollChief options

Learning Management System Integration of Articulate Learning Management System integration into worker portal.
GPS Help Desk Displays each trouble-shooter’s location on a Google map.
Election Records Management System (PRMS) Labels document file boxes, calculates storage space, records storage location, computes destruction date.
PollChief® Candidate Nomination System (PCNS) Records office and issue contests, candidate enlistment, financial filing entries, filing deadline reminders, exports ballot styles, lists election results.
PollChief® Campaign Finance Filing System (PFFS) Petitioners, candidates, and election committees access their own portals to post donations and expenses online, which are compiled into reports.  Mass emails remind them of filing deadlines. 
Instant Petition Monitor Verification (iPetitioner) Instantly assesses signer eligibility as signature is collected, updates results nightly, pre-verifies for administrators.
Site Survey App Smart tablet app to survey polling places on site.
Training Attendance App Smart tablet app to take attendance at training classes.
Work Attendance App Smart tablet or phone app to take attendance at polling place.
Asset check-in/out App Smart tablet or phone app to check election gear in and out.
Help desk Trouble Ticket App Smart tablet app for trouble shooters.
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