New Election Applications

PollChief Election Management Software Engineers will create any new application or variation of our programs that occurs to you, using telephony, mapping, text to voice, and data manipulation capabilities.

Contact us to explain your vision; we'll quickly develop a robust program that will meet your expectations.

Ideas we will develop for you:

  • Candidates for office enroll online. File campaign finance reports online. Receive automated reminders.
  • Export to create precinct and split ballot styles.
  • Track troubleshooters on a Google map.
  • Calendar that automatically sets election deadlines such as UOCAVA ballot date, registration date, absentee request date, certification date.
  • Provide an app for petition circulators that pre-qualifies signers, displays the signature, and counts the number of qualified signers.
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Pollchief, an Election Management Software of Konnech, Inc.