PollChief® Platform Management System (PPMS)

PollChief® manages elections using a data warehouse. The data warehouse incorporates mapping, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and web communications to create a seamless experience. PPMS is the platform for the data warehouse. PPMS enables the administrator to:

  • Schedule elections.
  • Schedule early voting.
  • Define, map, and quantify precincts.
  • Profile, evaluate, engage, and pay election buildings.
  • Select buildings for polling, training, election gear drop-off, early voting, regional election center, or other usage.
  • Automatically contact building owners, building supervisors, and building custodians via mass phone call or mass email and receive their replies.
  • Attach building layout schematics, rental agreements, accessibility certificates, photos, surveys, and maps.
  • Communicate building changes instantly to the entire organization.

The PollChief® Platform Management System allows election administrators to add other modules to manage workers, portal, assets, call center/help desk, records management, candidate nomination, and campaign finance filing.

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2016 Pollchief, an Election Management Software of Konnech, Inc.