Election Help Desk System

No matter how helpful the websites and how widespread the pre-publication of information, every election jurisdiction receives an avalanche of phone calls on Election Day.

Calls from voters, calls from poll workers, calls from media.

PollChief® Help Desk System (PHDS) is a year-round election call center that integrates election information to enable even novice operators to handle 75% of incoming calls, rarely requiring them to even type in names or addresses or phone numbers.

PollChief® enables your operators to answer the calls that come in.

It maps the locations of election buildings and of trouble-shooters in the field.

It monitors patrolers as they make their rounds.

It tracks the scheduled incoming calls from polling places.

It dispatches the appropriate trouble-shooters to their areas of expertise and geography, so the right person handles the right problem.

It displays the locations of the trouble-shooters in relation to the problems.

It re-calls the trouble-shooter if the call goes unresolved for too long.

It offers one-click replacement of voting machines and poll workers.

PollChief® facilitates 'lessons learned' post-election analysis with history reports sorted by equipment, by location, by problem type, and by trouble-shooter.

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Pollchief, an Election Management Software of Konnech, Inc.