PollChief ® Help Desk System (PHDS)

No matter how helpful the websites and how widespread the pre-publication of information, every election jurisdiction will receive an avalanche of phone calls on Election Day. Some calls will be from voters, some will be from poll workers. Most of the questions will be predictable, but some will not. Some calls will lend themselves to resolution on the phone, and some will require the personal attention of an experienced technician. Every staff member will be pressed into the service—either answering the calls, or responding to the problems as they come in. Some problems will be called in multiple times by multiple people. Some problems will generate multiple troubleshooters converging on a single spot. Some problems will recur from one election to the next because a true solution was never achieved.

PollChief ® Help Desk System (PHDS) is a year-round call center that integrates the information from poll locations, poll workers, poll assets, maps, and voter rolls to enable even novice operators to handle 75% of incoming calls, rarely requiring them to even type in names or addresses or phone numbers.


When voters call in, the system uses your voter registration database and Google maps to find the voter and answer questions.

call center/help desk
  • Answers the public's questions of their registration status,
    polling sites, and driving directions.
  • Reduces strain on the State voter rolls resources,
    avoiding system crashes and slow-downs.
  • Populates from caller ID numbers or key information.


When poll workers call in, the system displays the polling place, the caller's name, the machines that have been installed at that location, and the problems that have already been called in for that location and any of its machines. This prevents accidentally dispatching more than one trouble-shooter for a single problem. It contacts your trouble-shooters to automatically follow up on overdue trouble tickets, allowing them to push a button on their telephone keypads to close resolved issues. This function saves administrators from the nuisance of following up unclosed trouble tickets.

  • Eliminates double-booking of problems.
  • Matches trouble-shooters to the appropriate problem types.
  • Generates automatic follow-up calls to trouble-shooters.
  • Matches polling locations to the assigned voting machines, assigned election judges, and assigned caller ID phone numbers.
  • Generates trouble tickets for problematic voting machines and inserts the trouble ticket into the voting machine's asset management file.
  • Generates history reports sorted by equipment, by location, or by problem type
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