Poll Worker Management System (PWMS)

Election administrators organize a small army of poll workers. PollChief®’s Poll Worker Management System dramatically slashes the time and effort required to hire, train, appoint, assess, and pay poll workers.

PollChief® harnesses stunning communications via two-way mass emails, phone calls, and SMS texts

“PollChief® reduced poll worker management time by 50% and payroll processing time by 75%.” -- Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey

“Payroll was very smooth on our end! Very happy with the system when it comes to payroll. What would have taken us a few weeks after the election was taken care of within a day on our end.” -- Jami Gaultney, VSPC & Certification Manager, Adams County Colorado

"The no-shows dropped 80%." -- Prince William County, Virginia

The City of Minneapolis measured its Poll Worker Administration Time comparing the previous general election (2014) to their first general election with PollChief® (2016). The system saved 80 minutes per poll worker--46 minutes in recruitment and coordination plus 34 minutes in payroll preparation. -- Grace Wachlarowicz CERA, Assistant City Clerk, Minneapolis, Minnesot

PollChief® dramatically improves poll worker management. Click here to arrange for a live demonstration.

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