Polling Location Management System (PLMS)

The new U.S. Census will spur redistricting of wards, districts, and precincts which will require analysis of precincts and polling locations. Also, tightened budgets for local governments are causing the closure of schools and other public buildings traditionally used for elections. At the same time, most election administrators are conducting more elections while coping with less funding. These are challenges requiring lengthy review and examination of polling locations. Technological tools are the way to meet these challenges.

Poll Location Management System is an intelligent web-based election management system that enables election authorities to select their polling locations confidently, to arrange voting machines conveniently and to logically, communicate with the location owners and other election departments swiftly and easily, and to manage the facility access effectively.

Benefits of Poll Location Management System

  • Intelligent selection of polling locations
  • Better community coordination
  • Less polling place confusion
  • Improved communication with building authorities
  • Improved payment to building authorities
  • Instant budgeting for polling locations
  • Time saver for election setup
  • Reports are instantly updating with the changes made throughout the system.
  • Detailed mapping allowing the users to review all the necessary content needed to select the appropriate polling locations, such as,
    • Total registered voter number for a precinct
    • The potential poll buildings within the surrounding area of the precinct
    • The contact information for the buildings

Main Features:

  • Databases of active, alternative and deactivated locations which make it easy to find an appropriate backup building in case of emergency.
  • Templates for notifications to facility authorities.
  • Voting machine arrangement
  • Mapping of poll locations and voter density
  • Facility Owner Communication
    • Via telephone – send out one voice message and instantly get feedback without having to take the time to call each facility or to compose letters and/or spend money on postage, labels, and envelopes
    • Via email – massive email communication to correct persons. Again, save on postage, labels and envelopes
    • Via letter template – save costs using letters pre-designed for use with window envelopes.
  • Facility Access Management
    • Store notes for each individual building in the database. For example, handicap accessible, adequate parking, extra supplies needed?
  • Departmental Communications
    • Inventory review of items such as chairs, tables and private booth quantities needed for each poll location.
  • Reporting
    • Generate reports by saving specific templates within the system. All reports can be reviewed in screen, or exported to Microsoft Excel. Reports instantly update with the changes made throughout the system.

PLMS provides extensive mapping tools to find the available, investigated/visited, and used locations for the past elections, and the district/precinct voter density around the polling location. In addition, the streets are shown related to each district/precinct. The history set of locations can be selected and modified based on the current availability of public/private facilities and the change of the registered voter density.

Other departments or personnel are informed about the location and voting machine changes for the coming election in real time to reduce miscommunication. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance is tracked.

In conclusion, PollChief Election Management Software is a complete solution for poll location management. Please contact www.PollChief.com today and ask for a live demonstration.

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