PollChief® Records Management System (PRMS)

Every government organization has many documents they are required to retain for a certain amount of time. They must dispose of them on a consistent basis to maintain parity. Records must be available not only for departmental use, but also to ensure reasonable access to the public. The PollChief® Records Management System accommodates that process.

This system manages election department physical records that must be stored permanently or for a designated period of time.

  • Applies the code your state has designated for that type of record.
  • Selects the storage box size.
  • Generates a label for the box with bar code image, category, storage location, disposal date, comment, etc .
  • Records the storage location.
  • Checks the document out on loan—borrower, date out, date in.
  • Sends an alert email when the documents reach their disposal date.
  • Record the date of actual destruction.
  • Storage feature shows how many open slots are available, categorizes all items within a storage location, and display the grouping of records based from this month/year to that month/year.

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